Putting Jupiter-Moon conjunction, Mars within the morning – when the curves line up

November 4, 2022: At nightfall, there’s a brilliant Jupiter-Moon conjunction. Earlier than dawn, Mars is above the horns of the bull – Elnath and Zeta Tauri.

Chart Caption – 2022, November 4: Mars brilliant within the west earlier than dawn, over the horns of the bull.

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by Jeffrey L Hunt

Chicago, Illinois: Dawn, 7:27 a.m. CDT; Sundown, 5:41 p.m. CDT. Verify native sources for dawn and sundown occasions on your location.

The transit occasions of the Nice Crimson Spot, when it’s on the middle of the planet within the Southern Hemisphere: 2:10 UT, 12:06 UT, 22:01 UT. Convert the time to your time zone. Within the US, subtract 4 hours for EDT, 5 hours for CDT, and so forth. Use binoculars to see the place.

Right here is at this time’s planet forecast:

morning sky

Abstract of the planets within the morning sky in 2022

Mars opposition 2022 abstract

An hour earlier than daybreak, Mars is excessive within the western sky above the horns of Taurus, Elnath, and Zeta Tauri. After retrograde 5 nights in the past, this planet has began transferring in the direction of the west.

This morning the Crimson Planet is at 2.9° to the higher proper of the southern horn, Zeta Tauri. In three nights, Mars passes by Zeta. Planet 13. spins between the hornsth and 18. The northern horn passes by Elnath.th,

Wed 8. transferring in the direction of its finestth, It rises in brilliant twilight solely 13 minutes earlier than the Solar.

night sky

Chart Caption – 2022, November 4: After sundown, the brilliant Moon is beneath Jupiter within the east-southeast, whereas Saturn is larger within the south-southeast.

Venus is slowly getting into the western night sky. The velocity may be very gradual presently. It units solely 11 minutes after the Solar.

The brilliant moon is close to Jupiter tonight. One hour after sundown, the 87% illuminated gibbous orb is greater than 3° to the decrease left of the brilliant planet. That is an astonishing sight. 8. the moon reaches its full partth,

Jupiter continues to retrograde in entrance of a dim Pisces starfield. This 24. continues toth,

Saturn is slowly transferring east in entrance of Capricornus, a couple of third up within the south-southeast.

Three hours after sundown, Jupiter and the Moon are within the southern sky. Saturn is low within the southwest and Mars is at roughly the identical peak – above the horizon within the east-northeast. The three brilliant outer planets and the moon are alongside an arc of the aircraft of the photo voltaic system.

Saturn units about seven hours after sundown, earlier than native midnight. Jupiter and Moon set 4 hours earlier than dawn. This leaves Mars as the one brilliant planet within the morning earlier than dawn.

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